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The 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Benchmark Report by M-Files

The report is based on a survey of more than 1,500 office workers from private and public-sector organisations across the world. The report delivers deep insights into document and information-handling practices and highlights typical challenges in the workplace. 

Here are some interesting facts from the benchmark report 

83% of workers have had to recreate a document which already existed because they were unable to find it on their corporate network.
Nearly two-thirds of respondents indicate that they experience challenges in reviewing, approving and signing documents.
93% are unable to find documents because they’re badly named/tagged when filed.
8 in 10 workers have to recreate documents that already exist because they’re unable to find it.
62% say it’s challenging to find information they need from a mobile device.
Employees have to search through at least two systems to find needed information.

The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management

This whitepaper cites analyst research groups, industry organisations and trusted media sources to provide insight on how organisations can leverage Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to increase user engagement and positively affect the bottom line. 

Here are some interesting insights from the whitepaper

30% of the working day is spent searching for information.
38% of organisations have experienced one or more information security breaches within the past year.
54% of unstructured content is saved somewhere else than in the content management system, and is not accessible through it.