Intelligent Capture

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce costs with FlexiCapture for M-Files by ABBYY

Does accounts payable automation sound like a good idea? It is…

FlexiCapture for M-Files helps organisations of any size streamline their business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

FlexiCapture for M-Files can:

  • Speed up business processes by automating data entry
  • Enable automatic classification and data extraction by using artificial intelligence
  • Provide exceptional data accuracy with ABBYY’s award-winning recognition software
  • Allow your staff to easily verify content via customisable verification stations
  • Input invoices straight from email or scanned documents

Process transparency

Capture invoices automatically at points of arrival, regardless of their format or medium. Have them queued for processing immediately with full visibility for your AP staff.


Data quality

Reduce the level of manual interaction to a minimum thanks to automatic data extraction and system-based approval workflows. Eliminate the problem of misplaced, mishandled or forgotten invoices.

Reduce costs

Save time and resources by reducing manual data entry and eliminating redundant operations. Processing time can be reduced from weeks to a matter of days.

Cash flow management

Optimise cash flow management by monitoring and paying all incoming supplier invoices at the best time. Take full advantage of early payment discounts.

How it works

Accounts payable automation can be initiated immediately upon receipt of documents in any form or format. The invoice processing solution automatically classifies invoices and recognizes and extracts all essential data in the document.


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