FileFacets’ cloud data analytics and content migration platform

Know what you have & where – no matter where it is

Through a sophisticated, yet simple interface, the FileFacets platform searches for, and identifies files across networked and cloud-based shared drives, servers, enterprise content management systems. It even scans for and identifies sensitive information sitting in email, desktops, and laptops.
It learns as it goes, dynamically clustering files or content into groups based on the content type or document type – allowing you to routinely action on that specific kind of data. When new content is added, FileFacets will find it, identify it, classify it, and then action it based on your defined business processes.


Uncover the data you don’t know you have, and easily action Data Subject Rights requests


Minimize the rise and the time and money invested in the legal process, and maximize your bottom line

Privacy Compliance

Get control of your sensitive data. Locate, define, and process Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to ensure your data is secure

Regulatory Compliance

Organizing data for good governance. Locate and organize content for the virtual data room to expedite due diligence.

Due Diligence

Locate relevant content and reduce the time and effort on the sell side by eliminating the need to manually search for it.

Saves Time

By automating the process of categorization and file attribution, FileFacets can save weeks, months, even years of manual file categorization, attribution of metadata and content migration.

Increase Productivity

Because FileFacets runs in the cloud and does not interfere with source content, business units and users experience uninterrupted workflow – it’s business as usual.

Secure & Compliant

While FileFacets collects the properties and attributes of the files for processing, all source content remains secure in its native repositories, keeping all corporate and sensitive data secure.

Flexible & Scalable

FileFacets online environment makes it both easy to deploy and cost effective to implement, effortlessly scaling to support an unlimited number of users across multiple locations.

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