Document Management System

Be more productive, more profitable and save time – at work or at home 

Efficient document management is more important than ever



60% of employees use personal file-sharing apps and/or personal devices to access and share company information


81% of respondents report the need to access corporate documents while away from the office


62% report that it is at least somewhat challenging to find the information they are looking for when working remotely.

Many businesses are facing a new reality that requires a flexible working environment.
However, it can be difficult to quickly deploy a solution that balances the requirements of company security and ease of use.

M-Files provides a unique ecosystem that combines structured information linked from different software systems, with documents that reside in different repositories – like network folders, SharePoint and Teams – all of this information can be accessed by your staff, even from home.

Download this useful ebook to learn how businesses can enable a productive and efficient remote workforce while ensuring information governance and security are enforced.

Easy document management is a must for business efficiency

Easy, easy, easy – our years of experience have shown that if your document management system is not easy to use, then your staff won’t like it.

M-Files is designed to be easy to use, they are a Microsoft Gold Partner so you can think of it as “document management for Windows”.

Version control, workflow, mobile apps, automatic permissions and incredibly fast search are just some of the features that can help enhance productivity in your office or at home.

Man on laptop trialing digital document management system software

M-Files overview

Man on laptop trialing digital document management system software

Workflows streamline business processes from anywhere

When staff are working in the same office it’s easy to hand someone a piece of paper or ask them to do something. This type of manual process is considerably more difficult when staff are working from different locations – like home offices.

M-Files removes the paper from this outdated way of working by automating and streamlining your business processes. Whether a simple task assignment or complicated accounts payable automation, workflow can be actioned in the office or from home.

Remote workflow can be accessed via your desktop, web browser or M-Files amazing mobile apps for iOS and Android, your staff can approve assignments from anywhere – and we even provide a full audit trail so you can monitor progress.

We’re so glad we implemented M-Files, it allows us to access all our documents and information when we work from home.

Gareth Knight

Director, Affiliated Insurance Brokers

M-Files for Microsoft Teams

The recent rise in remote work has resulted in a massive increase in Microsoft Teams usage. While Teams is a fantastic collaboration tool, it also raises many questions related to information governance and potential data leaks.
M-Files enables users of Microsoft Teams to access relevant information, no matter where it is stored, while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

M-Files for Office 365 

Combine Office 365 with M-Files Intelligent Information Management for easier document management.
Microsoft Office 365 aims to empower employees and optimise their operations. M-Files enables them do even more by combining the excellent Office 365 products with the AI-driven automated processes and improved compliance features of M-Files.
Digital document management program on computer

Flexible deployment

Are you ready for the cloud? If not, we’ve got you covered.

With M-Files you can access your information remotely even for on-premise installations. Through M-Files you can access documents that reside in different repositories – like network folders, SharePoint and Teams – without requiring an expensive and time-consuming migration project.

M-Files can be deployed in Microsoft Azure, your own private cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution. This will future proof your organisation and give you the ability to choose the option that best suits your needs. Furthermore, M-Files offers one common user interface so you can work anytime, anywhere, with any device.


Woman trying out the digital document management system
access to documents and information

Secure access to documents and information

The recent rise of staff working from home has resulted in a massive increase in personal file sharing applications being used to share company documents – this raises many questions related to information governance and potential data leaks.

With M-Files, staff can access relevant information, no matter where it’s stored while ensuring that your information is protected.

Market-leading access control features such as secure file share, audit trails, federated authentication, file encryption and more ensure that your information governance and security are enforced no matter where your staff are accessing data from.


Why M-Files?


When you find a document in M-Files you know it’s the right one thanks to our automated version control.

Automate common business processes like supplier invoice approval with M-Files powerful workflow engine.

Manage, edit, share, review and approve content from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Short implementation time – you can be up and running within a matter of weeks not months.


Automatic permissions – based on their role, your staff will only access the documents they are allowed to see. 

Secure and reliable – Your content is always backed- up and safe, with minimal IT admin effort required.

Maximise the power of your M-Files system

M-Files is more than just document management, talk to us about other processes that you can streamline by using M-Files. 

Other areas and processes that can be managed by M-Files include:








Accounts Payable


Matter Management


and many more