DocSmart can help streamline your business

DocSmart can help streamline your business

With M-Files your staff can securely access the correct information instantly from anywhere – ask us how

With M-Files your staff can securely access the correct information instantly from anywhere – ask us how

M-Files Intelligent Information Management

Experience a smarter way to work with content

M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organises content based on what it is, not where it’s stored. M-Files can connect to your network folders, other repositories and existing software systems to make them more intelligent. M-Files uses built-in artificial intelligence to help categorise and protect your important information.

Intelligent Information Management

M-Files is changing the way the world manages information.
M-Files allows access to content from multiple data repositories – imagine a google type search across your entire data set – without requiring an expensive and time-consuming migration project.
Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) enhances the way your staff can save documents by automatically analysing the content and suggesting keywords, saving time and reducing errors.

M-Files for Office 365 

Combine Office 365 with M-Files Intelligent Information Management for easier document management.
Microsoft Office 365 aims to empower employees and optimise their operations. M-Files enables them do even more by combining the excellent Office 365 products with the AI-driven automated processes and improved compliance features of M-Files.

M-Files for Google G Suite

Combine G Suite applications with M-Files for easier document management in Gmail and Google Drive.
Easily store the content in your G Suite applications in M-Files. No more switching between G Suite applications and other systems and repositories.
M-Files has been named, the best overall document management software in 2020.
M-Files was selected for its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface and its ability to scale for businesses of all sizes.


Gartner has named M-Files as a “Visionary” again in 2020!
Download the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms (CSP) and compare the leading content services platform vendors in 2020.


Nucleus Research names M-Files as a leader for the seventh consecutive year.
Download the ECM Technology Value Matrix 2020 to compare the top 17 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors.


What we do

DocSmart Solutions are the only award-winning M-Files Premier Reseller in New Zealand and our goal is simple – we want to help you streamline your business.
At DocSmart we use our years of experience to show organisations how they can enhance their business through the use of world-class software.

DocSmart have over 150 M-Files customers, including: